Responses of parents and professional tutors

On an author's technique of domestic and out-of-class
musical-aesthetic education.

The author: Vladimir Stepanishin, Russia 


Gratitude that who has written to me.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has sent me responses.
Your letters and support very much for me are important. It is especially necessary in conditions when it is necessary to combine my work with another (connected to earnings).

Each time when I read these letters and I receive new, it installs new forces.
More all pleases me that in Russia and other countries there are you are people which appreciate Beauty and is Kind above money and other similar things.

Your responses help me to stand at conditions of financial difficulties.

Huge to you thanks!

With sincere gratitude to all written to me,
Vladimir Solntsev / Solovyov.
Moscow, Russia


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Responses of parents and professional tutors 

Svetlana Makurina <.....>
On April, 15 1998

Hello, dear Vladimir!
With the big interest has read through your clause, and there was a set of questions. I
Too the teacher on music, except for that I work in " to School of early development
Kids ". In this connection, advise, please, with what and how to begin
To learn to listen to music of kids (2-3-4 years). Probably at you is and
Recommendations WHAT to listen except for " the Children's album " to P.Chajkovskogo, for example.
And still a question, and your children at lessons only listen or are engaged still
Any kinds of musical activity (singing, improvisations, musical
The letter, etc.)?
I thank in advance for the answer, yours faithfully, Svetlana.

Eugenia Druzhkova.....
On March, 6 1999

Hello, Vladimir.

I with interest have read through your technique and I think, that as soon as at us on a site the pedagogical section which while is not present owing to absence of the children's psychologist for answers to questions will appear, we shall publish her.

A method simple and beautiful, and the main thing (for our site), not containing psychological "navorotov".

Yours faithfully,
Evgenie Druzhkova,
The editor of a site " the Healthy parent "

Alexei Kaltchenko.....
On July, 9 1999  Canada

Hello, Vladimir.

Recently we with the wife have read through the description of your technique to the address  http: // / ~ sunny_1/Kids.htm

Your ideas and your person causes in us the big interest and we would like to communicate, learn with you your opinion on questions exciting us as far as you will be allowed  with your time as, it is obvious, that the person you borrowed.

To our son 2aiaa and 4 months.
We want to bring up his comprehensively advanced, and as my wife the musician obvious it seems to emphasize  musical education. For this reason we have addressed to your technique.

My wife, Light, has finished Gnesinskoe (average) muzkalnoe school (a violin, an alto), then 3 years studied in Mosk. Conservatories (alto). Then her has stopped (to do that was not necessary) and worked in several decent Moscow symphonic orchestras, in posledne time, in Svetlana Bezrodnoj's female Vivaldi-orchestra.
In absentia she has finished the Astrakhan conservatory.
One year ago we have moved to Canada as free (professional)
Immigrants. We live in small city....., in 100 km from Toronto.
Russian and Russian-speaking here it is not enough.

We shall be very glad to your answer and comments.

Yours faithfully, Alexey and Light.

On November, 11 1999

Zdrastvujte.  Has read through your clause about music education.  To my son of 5 years.  Can will advise group of musical development in JUZAO.  Thanks.
Yours faithfully, Maria Popova.


Natalia G. Ushakova.....
On December, 7 1999

Dear Vladimir Solovyov!

To you the Astrakhan Regional Children's home for children in Addresses
Age till 4 years.
Recently we have found out your publications on a site and have thought, that
Co-operation in the field of early development of children,  formations of skills and
Feelings fine could help our children grow not such
Poor as they are represented usually. Shortage of parent heat and others
Factors  cause jet infringements of attachment at children and development
Social deprivatsii to overcome which consequences it is very difficult without
Serious operating time in this area and also competent at a level of Russia

We would like to start to communicate with you on this  and other themes concerning education of children till 4 years.

In the appendix you will find results of work for last 4 months and if
It becomes interesting to you, we would began to come into with pleasure contacts to you.

Yours faithfully Head physician OSDR
Ushakov Natalia Grigorevna


Sergei Egin <.....>
On December, 12 1999
Hello, dear sir Solovev.
I am a director of studies of the public children's educational center. Our center tries to carry out harmonious development and education of the child since a birth till a youth. Your technique of musical-aesthetic education has very much interested me, as at present I search for something similar for application in practice. If you are interested with an opportunity of distribution or approbation of your technique, our center with you will cooperate with pleasure. At the moment at us children from a birth till seven years are engaged. We shall be glad to any help. Beforehand with gratitude
Olga Egina.


Iren S'Din.....
10 janv 2000

Hello, Vladimir!
Has read through fragments of your technique on a site " Detka and ancestors ". I now very much
I am interested in this question. To my son 1e3, wanted to pick up to it good
Records for listening. But here the problem, at present is not present the tape recorder.
Can be at you is ottsifrovannyemidishnye files with records? If is,
That rodelites please.
In an Internet I could find only A little Baha, Vivaldi, Bethovina. But it
A little. It would be desirable for music and other genres.
Yours faithfully.
Irina Guber.


On February, 2 2000

Hello, Vladimir!

Many thanks to you for the letter and for full
The version of a technique. To tell the truth, I somehow especially did not hope for the answer
Also it is very glad, that was mistaken (there are in a life pleasant mistakes!) Under
Technique Kabalevskogo I meant his program "Music" for 1-7
Classes. I think, that you are familiar with it, but if are not present, she is directed on
Supply of children by various knowledge in the field of music and on hobby for her
Children. In the program it is very in detail stated and painted on lessons.
I why about it have asked you... The matter is that I work at school
In total month. The previous teacher used this
The program, but as I have found out during work, children know nothing,
Moreover and music do not love (it they have declared at the first lesson). So at me
Some doubts have arisen: " Can, they should not be loaded At all
Knowledge? " But it too is somehow bad. Wanted to consult to you.
And still a question. You at the lessons with children only listen and talk?
Or, mohet to be, still songs sing  or still something... What? Once again
Thanks. With uvaheniem. Cooking

On February, 9 2000

Zdrastvujte, Vladimir! Once again very closely re-read yours
Technique also has understood, that all the same I want to look at it in author's
Execution (if you not against) .Mozhet to be you will write to me, when and in
What schools you carry out lessons? I very much would want poprisutstvovat.
It is thankful in advance. Cooking.


12 fev 2000
Ira Polshina.....

Dear Vladimir Solovyov!

Pishit to you mum of two neposedlevyh and a few whimsical boys from the Alpine country of Switzerland.
As well as bolshinsvo our people tired of infinite everyday problems of Russia, I thought, that here a life quiet and stable. But not having sufficient German and being absolutely torn off all Russian, and the main thing from the information on education and formation of children, charm of the western civilization have a little faded. A unique source there is an Internet, but to find the visual information of the due size and quality at me it has not turned out yet, but, probably, and it is impossible.

In additives to everything, today has read through introduction in your technique iocueaeuii_ynoaoe?aneiai developments of children. Very much it was pleasant to me. But for its realization here it is necessary to buy all, and it is expensive and impossible. Therefore I address to you with intimate posboj to render the real help having sent you the made compositions. From its part we shall try to execute your counter request or to pay your charges and work through the bank account.
It is thankful in advance for your answer with more detailed technique and opinion on my question.

Yours faithfully Irina Polshina.


On July, 12 2000
Ainur Kubaeva......
Hello dear Vladimir!

Has casually got acquainted with your fine Technique of musical-aesthetic education through the Children's room of site Idea Software.

About what you write is very close to me. And it concerns not only
The technique, but also in integrity of your approach to education of children. To me
It seems, that I have abilities to pedagogics, though special
Formations are not present. But many things which I find at you or other authors,
I intuitively knew earlier and applied at dialogue with the nephew. To me 32
Year. At the moment I wait for the first child (there was the sixth
Month). Would like to bring up harmoniously advanced person. I play on
The piano. Can, I not well enough play, but what pleasure
You test, mastering favourite products. It, certainly, "Polonaise"
Oginskogo, " Imagination a re-minor ", " the Turkish march " Mozart, "Waltz" SHopena,
"April" of Tchaikovsky, " Song Solvejg " Grieg, 2 and 3 parts of " the Lunar Sonata "
Beethoven. Almost all this is at me on ?D. It is very convenient - for having
Opportunity to compare the execution with more professional. I am simple
I feel, that my child hears, how I play, and too it is pleasant to it.
Except for the listed products - my favourite CDs: "Seasons"
Tchaikovsky, SHopen, "Ballets" of Tchaikovsky, "Carmen" Bizet-Schedrin,
"Pathetic" and Beethoven's "Appassionata", " Songs of our century ", Frenk
Sinatra, a new album "Eurithmics" "Peace". My musical collection still
Small, but I aspire to have only really worth disks. And
How many still it would be desirable to get! I very much love a folk music - Kazakh,
Russian, Georgian, gipsy...

Vladimir, very much interests me a theme of family psychology. You have mentioned about
to " Technics of improvement of quality of a life ". I ask you, answer me and tell,
Where I could find more detailed information on this technics.

Yours faithfully,


On July, 30 2001
Natalia Markova .....

Dear Vladimir Grigorevich!

I thank you for the sent technique. She has seemed to me reasonable and true.
Thanks for responsiveness and goodwill.

With sincere respect
Natalia Markova.


"Tatyana Egorov" .....
On September, 9 2001

Hello, Vladimir!
Vam Tatyana Egorov writes. To me 23 years, I work as the leader on choral
Branch at musical school ? 10 of Ulyanovsk. Has read through your technique of musical education - it became very interesting to me. Has become interested also my chorus master. You could not send the full version of your technique and if it is possible, to write about work  with children. At me it is a lot of girlfriends rastjat kids, too it will be interesting to them.

Beforehand thanks.


On October, 14 2001
Natalia..... @SPBTLG.RU

Hello, Vladimir.

My name is Natasha, I work as the school psychologist in Saint Petersburg.

Recently has read through about your technique, your ideas... Also has found their very conformable with mine. Whether the truth I do not know my letter will reach you, in fact the information on a site is dated 1999. Your ideas about the general bank of the information, association of parents, etc. are represented me very actual, maybe, they already by you are carried out?

I very much burn desire to think up something on work with teenagers... Yes, on the Internet weight of sites where it is possible to ask a question to the psychologist on the problemme, forums where it is possible to receive the answer and from other people, but in my opinion teenagers suffer from dissociation. To sozheleniju, places which are ready to accept them are capable to affect them negatively, more likely, if to not tell perniciously. To organize interesting and useful activity they cannot, here and sit everyone in the kennel, not knowing than to engage. Speak: " At me " the roof goes ", it is interesting nothing, friends "stuffy" any, for study already for a long time "has hammered"... I want something new, to get acquainted with somebody, to communicate, and what I can make? " In general it is sad.

I am engaged with pervoklashkami, the second classes, with 10 and 11 classes.
I shall be glad to your letter, I have to you questions, maybe, shall share something.



On October, 17 2001

" Cheerful Olga ".....

Dear Vladimir
For a long time I know  about your technique and otnoshus to it with the big respect.
With pleasure razmeshchu the reference to your page at itself on a site, especially the reference to your technique, but to other address,  at me already is.

If want,  with pleasure razmeshchu your technique at itself on a site,  with the instruction of all your phones and other.

Yours faithfully, Cheerful Olga
The author of " the Cheerful page "
http: //
http: //


On November, 02 2001
Natalia..... @SPBTLG.RU

Hello, Vladimir!

I agree with you about education by beauty. In the first year of work at school I could be engaged in development of intelligence pervoklashek - and  I was engaged, at me not bad it turned out, children were pleased. On sledushchy year to me have suggested to continue and at second-graders ".
But what for? - I have thought, - where they will direct this advanced intelligence?.. On this has decided the big share of employment to give persons.

Vladimir but why in your work with children only music is the carrier of beauty? And beauty of painting? Well let not the painting created by hands of the person, but the harmonious branch of the plant which have been given birth by the nature, in fact on it too it is possible to look in another way, to apprehend her? And the beauty of a human human act, unless cannot to begin to sound as a piece of music in soul of the child? Only, I agree, any morals, edifications, pressure, vpihivany...  I  think, that in that case taste, the attitude at the child can be brought up not only to music, but also to painting, to beauty of the nature, to people, to acts... Business behind that how to present it. Can be at you there is such experience or attempts? What do you think in this occasion?

Has very much become interested in your work with libraries, I ask to write you about it, can  we shall unit efforts?


My answer

Hello, Natasha.
Esteem a technique on new sites of this year. (you, probably, have got on free-of-charge variants of 2-year prescription).
http: // / ~ sunny_1/Kids.htm

Ask questions. I shall be glad to answer.

On bank of the information. Who has sites of children's and educational subjects, it is necessary to untwist each other - and to do it much more intensively.
But the basic work, certainly - not in the Internet (as access to eat well if at 1 % of percent of parents and tutors. The same who is seriously anxious by education, make absolute minority - and the more so, with them it is necessary to work.
I am now borrowed with searches of money to a bureau which will be engaged in these problems - that is work with those who has no access in the Internet.

Something I do and without money - for example, we begin (with adherents) to work with libraries - there there come also students ped uch institutions, both parents, and tutors. Can accept in it participation (if there is a desire).
To sozheleniju, places which are ready to accept teenagers are capable to affect them  negatively, more likely, if to not tell perniciously. To organize interesting and useful activity they cannot, here and sit everyone in the kennel, not knowing than to engage. Speak: " At me " the roof goes ", it is interesting nothing, friends "stuffy" any, for study already for a long time "has hammered"... I want something new, poznakomitsjas somebody, to communicate, and what I can make? " In general it is sad.

* so in fact they have parents who first of all should... But to do something it is necessary certainly.

Yours faithfully,


On November, 20 2000
Evgenii Polyachenko.....

Dear author of a technique!

We with the big interest prochli your clause.   We thank you, that
Have published her in Internet.

You could not answer two questions.
As we have understood, your technique raschitana on children of school age. And
Whether its application for 2-3 years children is possible.

And the second. That you think of early training children to game on musical

If it would be not possible, you could send the full list suitable for children
Pieces of music.

Beforehand thanks,


8 deck 2000
Nelly Mamiko <.....>

Thanks you big for the fine and very important ideas stated aloud. Whether it is possible to read through continuation somewhere.
Yours faithfully,


19 deck 2000
..... @sama/ru

I welcome! Has read through about your technique, it is very interesting to learn more particularly and more in detail. At me a daughter, it 1,5 years. I hope, that was not late on age with application of a technique. I shall be glad to receive the answer. Oksanenok


On April, 13 1999

Hello Vladimir!
  I was very much interested with a technique about which you spoke in chat room
" We shall talk about children ".
  Very much would like to get acquainted with it closer.
  If You not difficultly, please, write.
It is thankful in advance!


On March, 25 1999
Rimma Gordeeva.....

As I am glad, that it were you!!!
Thanks once again, I now spokojnenko once again pochitaju and in shabbat shall write to you the answer, in other days I am terribly borrowed - have opened private sadik, as a gift to the synochku for year and ten months...:)

Success to you, up to a meeting on the days off!


On July, 29 1999
Nathalie Petroff.....

Good afternoon! Your technique has very much liked, it would be desirable to study her in fuller variant.
Beforehand thanks, Natalia


On August, 27 1999
Volkova Luda <.....>

Hello, Vladimir
On a site "Kids-ancestors" has read through your technique of musical-aesthetic development. She has seemed to me interesting. You could not send me more detailed description of a technique. L.

Thanks. We now do separate section on education / training and there it will be very opportunely.
All good,


26 janv 2000

Zdrastvujte, Vladimir Solovev.
Many thanks to you for your technique. I the teacher beginning, not skilled and your knowledge and skills came very opportunely. But, unfortunately, I possess only the reduced material and very much I ask to send the full version and answers to some questions if it will not complicate you. What you still do with children, except for listening? What speak between fragments? How you concern to technique Kabalevskogo?
Yours faithfully. Cooking.


26 janv 2000
Inna Guseva.....

Has with the great pleasure read through about your technique. We with the husband count
The main thing in our life education and formation of our children. With our son I
Began to be engaged from 5,5 months. Now to it almost 2 years.
All about what you write concerning education and attitudes to children it is very close and it is related to me. I for a long time thought about something same concerning music, though in general I the person far from music. But to good music to listen I love. A lot of time is necessary for manufacturing materials for employment, therefore for mum,
Having the small child, would be the big help to have an opportunity
To get a ready material with records (even initially). In
The further, probably, it will turn out to engage in drawing up of records most.

It would be very grateful to you if you could send the detailed description of your technique and ready cartridges (and it is better than CD ROM). If you have such opportunity inform me, please. Also specify cost of this service.
Yours faithfully Gusev Inna.


fev 1999
Olga Dunajewa....

Portal "Devichnik" http: //
"Kid" undressed.

Hello, Vladimir!
Perhaps I shall give you the preliminary consent to the publication. I still
I shall closely study the text and I shall bring in some proof-readings. But before the publication
We shall discuss them.
Yours faithfully,
Olga Dunaev


apr 2002
Violetta <.....>

Hello, Vladimir!
Have become interested in your experience but where to take the full version etodiki, prompt.
Good-bye. FB.


On May, 17 2002
Svetlana Makurina <.....>

Hello, dear Vladimir!
With the big interest has read through your clause, and there was a set of questions.
I too the teacher on music, except for that work at " School of early development of kids ".
In this connection, advise, please, from what and how to start to learn to listen music of kids (2-3-4 years).
Probably you have also recommendations WHAT to listen except for " the Children's album " to P.Chajkovskogo, for example.
And still a question, and your children at lessons only listen or are engaged still in any kinds of musical activity (singing, improvisations, a musical notation, etc.)?
I thank in advance for the answer, yours faithfully, Svetlana.


On June, 27 2002

Good afternoon Vladimir!
I have visited a site which you have specified. Contents of a site rather interestingly. At us with you a lot of identical and
The general ideas.
I can help (to place information support your reference to the site). In what kind you prefer her prestavit? Whether there is at you a banner?
Thanks for the reference!
Yours faithfully.                     http: //
Gubanov Roman.

Pt, 26 ijul 2002 23:20:00  (Sat, 27 Jul 2002 00:20:00 +0400)

 Hello, Vladimir Solovev!
My name is Irina Abramova. I - mum of two children: Marusi (2,5) and Fedi (8 months). Now I try to create children's studio which organizes excursions and carries out developing employment for children, carries out seminars " Schools for daddies and mums ".  I assume to carry out lectures-conversations, how to enrich time of dialogue with the child with the most joyful and high-grade moments, propagandizing early development. It and " Cubes Zajtseva ", and  Adam Jackson, both Masari Ibuka, and Nikitiny, both Michael Fedotov, and Maria Montessori, and Glenn Doman, and Serzy,   and dr... And, certainly, my own modest experience of education of children. By a trade I not the teacher, but me, apparently, is what to tell to parents. I regret, that I have learned about techniques of early development rather late: to my first child there was something about two years. I would be grateful to the one who would tell to me something new little bit earlier.
Vladimir, your technique of musical-aesthetic education of children has resulted me in delight. I respect you as the teacher and I test sincere interest. I very much would like to receive more detailed recommendations for employment with kids - with the smallest. And still a question: whether I can or teachers of my studio to use your technique in the employment? Thanks for attention.
                 I admire and I share your love to children.
Yours faithfully, Irina.
My address:.....


Here, responses since July 2002 till January 2004 g.g will be probably placed.


Sr, 18 fev 2004 19:15:06  (Wed, 18 Feb 2004 22:15:06 +0600)
From Novosibirsk
Hello, Vladimir!

My name is Tatyana Hlimankova.
I the psychologist, have read through on your site about a technique of smuzykalno-aesthetic education and have very much become interested. Tell, please, where and as it is possible to learn more in detail in your method. I the person not musical, but to the ?aaaieos (1aia and 3 months) till a birth allowed to listen to various music. And the problem at me now arises here in what. Unfortunately, I have no the big musical card file, and to collect that list of products which you specify, for myself I do not present possible. Perhaps, you send ready records on cartridges, and it is even better on compact discs on receipt? I with pleasure would buy them. In any case, thanks that have read through my letter!
In total you of the kindest!
Tatyana Hlimankova

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